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Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal
I’m from Germany, from the beautiful Black Forest area. I live in a small townhouse with my loving husband, my wonderful teenage daughter and my eighteen years old tomcat. To pay my bills, I work part time as a lab technician in cancer research. I only started writing in October 2018, but loved to read all my life.
Maybe you wonder, why does someone from Germany write in English? I still remember the first English book I ever read. Staying in the USA as an exchange student when I was sixteen, I picked a random book at a public library, ending up with “Dragonsong” by Anne McCaffrey. It was the beginning of my passion for stories reaching beyond the confines of the mortal human world, and also the beginning of my love for a language that’s so much more expressive than my native tongue. When finally risking the step from reader to writer, the language was out of question.
Feel free to join me in my world of fantasy, paranormal, adventure, with a bit of romance.
When I’m not writing, I like playing computer games or watching crime series on TV. I’m also part of the parents’ council at my daughter’s school and a committee member of the garden club around the corner.


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I’m just myself, writing my own things in my own world. If originality doesn’t sell, so be it. Changing my style or my view on things to accommodate wishes, to be more mainstream and sell more books is not the reason I write. I write because I love it, because the story comes from my heart and soul. — J.C. Seal —
I guess the weirdest thing is that I write in English. Then I turn into my pen-name alter ego, while in the back of my mind my German half sits back, watches, evaluates and occasionally comments on what I’m doing. — J.C. Seal —
My characters have a life of their own, they write their stories. I’m just the fingers typing the words, the guiding hand occasionally telling them that what they are doing is bullshit, and the brain to keep the timeline and story straight. — J.C. Seal —
What’s the best character to use in writing? It’s all a question of perspective. The setting, as well as the interpretation of the character itself, is more important than the kind of character used. Human, Monster or whatever - it’s just an empty husk before the author brings it to life. — J.C. Seal —